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Art in the world-over is the production of something beautiful in form of an expression of one’s thought in a symbolic manner. In African society, it is more of celebrated vocation which serves as prehistoric tools presented with exceptional skill and natural splendor.



Art is an important medium for entertainment and communication.


Art in its various forms is largely seen as the bedrock for the promotion of the following:

  • To sustain ancestral values which are at the verge of extinction as a result of developmental pluralism.

  • Art is used to represent the way of life of the people in a given community

  • It is used to convey ideological views in all fields of human endeavor

  • It also serves as a means by which ancient traditions are stored for posterity.


Cletus Oseloka Ugoabunwa

Cletus Oseloka Ugoabunwa hails from Ojoto in Idemili South LGA of Anambra State in eastern Nigeria. Born in the 60s and after finishing high school, he started his study in arts, from the workshop of Benin traditional wood carvers..

Ugo has spent much of his years of practice in the study of this rear pattern of sculpturing which commenced from the workshop of Eddy Igbinosa at the “Edo Carving Center” and the sculpture studio of a British trained sculptor Ben Osawe, both in Benin-City Nigeria. He is a graduate of Fine Art from the Nigerian premier institution, the Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos.

Ugo, or Yugos as he is often called, is a Nigerian sculptor known to have passed through informal art training to formal art education. He bridged the gap between formal and informal , the evidence of these experiences are visible in his sculptures and paintings. He has been a freelancer on different projects, as sculptor, painter, designer and teacher.

The total range of his art is wide spread and shows great variation. Ugoabunwa Oseloka Cletus is based in the coastal city of Benghazi. He is married and blessed with Children.


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Cletus Oseloka Ugoabunwa

In my works, I try to accentuate the fading cultural heritage, the dignity and peculiar aesthetics of the art and traditions of my people, striving to keep it, despite our travails in the “shadow land”.

To my international audience, the purpose behind my art is dual:

  • To explore and expose the rich and dignified structure of African tribal and contemporary art.

  • To reflect on the complex philosophical contents of the exhibits and messages.

My work is committed to uplift your passion for African art and, more importantly, to erase the notion that they are fetishes. Black African art is aesthetic and, unquestionably dynamic.





Premier   Design

I  provide the ultimate experience in bringing concepts to life. and offer unparalleled experience.

Decor and Display

Beautiful projects with purpose and vibrant integration. My designs are innovative, iconic and tailored to exceed expectations.



I develop interior and exterior components to become conversation pieces in any setting. My work has stood out for its captivating appeal and earthy personality.


Using design and a variety of elements that complement the pieces in the space, I deliver interesting and innovative results, time and time again.

I have been thoroughly trained in environmental design processes and am considered an expert in historical preservation.